About Us

What is SelfAudit?


Selfaudit is an APP that scans all processes and operational controls through the mobile and / or tablet. It is born to increase efficiency, productivity and simplify the work of the people who have to carry out the registrations, controls, verifications and management of the tasks and incidents in the different departments of your company.


Selfaudit facilitates oversight and decision-making as it can be done immediately from any device, without having to commute to work areas.


Selfaudit is an open, versatile and easy-to-manage tool. Designed so that, in a self-managed manner, different departments can easily create their own records, forms and control checks to meet the objectives (management, quality, excellence in execution) or rules established by the company.

Selfaudit Simplifies, automates and optimizes the processes and controls in the organization.

About Us

Selfaudit is a Startup born in 2015 from the need to save up time, and money, in the report generation process.

From our experience, we realized there was an actual need to improve this process in audits and, at the same time, improve the environment by saving the use of paper for these tasks.

Afterwards, we thought the companies being audited could benefit too of the digitalization of their forms, saving time, money, centralizing all the data, improving their control and, at the same time, saving a lot of paper.

Selfaudit is a software that allows you to centralize all the data, improving its control and, at the same time, productizing the information, to know the status of the processes through a personalized reporting system.

Our business model endeavors to anticipate and manage, in a responsible way, the risks and challenges of the impact of our work in a sustainable development context.

Our quality policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR), experience and organization structure vouch for the excellence of our service.  

Selfaudit, smart control of quality systems, allows the control registration from your phone or pad, monitoring it from your management department, facilitating the supervision, since you can do it from your PC, without the need to move around to the different work areas.


To assure our software brings the desired result is paramount to provide an efficient customer service. That is why in Selfaudit we have a highly specialized staff in the product installation, maintenance and optimization.

Personalised Attention

As a support and training R&D work centre, we can provide a closer and higher quality service. Furthermore, we offer multiple assistance channels for later monitoring.


Selfaudit continuously evolves to meet the market needs and requirements.


All documentation can be exported to different digital formats (worksheet, pdf, etc.) allowing the customer to manage and storage its data.

Success stories

Having 12 kitchens, introducing a managing tool like Selfaudit apparently supposed an added difficulty for our workers. However, after the implementation, we are really satisfied with the solution it has provided to us: Security, information control and time-saving in control executions and data management. Our company has gained confidence and has improved communications with the kitchens without the need of moving around.”
Lluïsa Farrero
My experience with Selfaudit software has been very satisfactory. It is an easy tool to use and quick to implement. We have made the change from paper to digital in a natural, easy and economic way. Given the cost of the application and the increase in control and security, I recommend it to anyone who has to manage the different processes and controls of their company.
Miquel Puig
Keisy Supermercats
With the implementation of Selfaudit, we’ve made a significant reduction in the time invested in mechanical daily tasks, like controls complementation, improving the efficacy and veracity of our data. It is coherent with our environmental responsibility policy, reducing our paper use. The managing of all the data from the digitalized controls has facilitated our decision-making thanks to the automatic communication of the data recorded and the related possible incidents. Selfaudit has allowed us to assess our verifications as management indicators, enabling performance monitoring and facilitating a quick reaction to make the best decisions.
Alberto Gomez