Open, intuitive and versatile

Selfaudit is an open, intuitive, and versatile tool for regular checks and audits from your workplace. This app is conceived so the user can create its control forms to comply with regulations.

  • Efficiency: Savetimeandmoney, makingsurethere’s a correctapplication of your self-control plans andappropriatecustody of all your records for further evaluation and verification.
  • Reliance: Increases the control of the processes and the operational controls of the company.
  • Traceability: Controls all stages of the company’s operational processes.
  • Sustainability: Help to protect the environment by erasing the use of paper in your daily tasks.
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Our software adapts to your needs


Set, modify, and manage according to your company needs.

Generate your inspection and audit forms. Adapt the APP data fields via computer software.


Manage the information in an automatized, centralized way.

Excellent tool for companies with several establishments or premises that allows controlling the processes, traceability, and monitoring to act proactively where necessary from the headquarters. Automatization and celerity in the communication process and incident management. Better control in no time.


The data is hosted at the cloud allowing safe access from anywhere, anytime. SaaS System.

All data is available all together and neatly to face inspections and audits, internal as well as external.


Assign roles and access permissions to your employees and internal and external auditors.


Offers different modules enabling to conduct both self-checks and audits.

Record Creation

Digitize your system

The digitalization of your quality system allows you to improve your control without having to move around to review on-site, also facilitating the ability to extract your KPIs, Dashboards, or indicators.

Total freedom

Selfaudit software provides total freedom to customize the records of all your establishments in an easy way and with a user-friendly app to facilitate your employees' work.

Manage your permissions

Create and give permissions to users to have access only to the information of their establishment, section, subsection...

Audit and quality control

Custom Checklist

Create your Checklist unlimitedly, customizing the rating system, and control points weight.

Report Editing

Fill in the reports from your mobile device. Add photos to reinforce the comments, edit them, and highlight the one you think is convenient to highlight. Write the observations or dictate them through the device's microphone.


Generate incidences of the control points that you think are necessary. Edit the report from the Selfaudit PC program and extract it with just a few clicks.

Incidece management

Automatic incidences

Generate automatic incidents when the values of the controls are out of range or create incidents manually. Add photos to strengthen the nonconformity.

Automatic notifications

Receive automatic notifications of incidents via e-mail and manage them from the PC program. Record the steps taken through the task diary or inform your suppliers by extracting the report easily.

Incident Communication

Improve your internal and external communication in the generation of warnings and monitoring of incidents and extract the indicators you consider.