The digitization of supermarkets, the key to success

Supermarkets are one of the establishments where more registrations, controls and verifications must be carried out. Not only to be able to implement your HACCP plan and guarantee food safety, but also to be able to carry out optimal stock management, control of losses and returns, expiration checks, labelling and price changes … or obtain information about the behaviour of consumers and act accordingly, among many other things. That is why the digitization of supermarkets is key not only to be able to implement your HACCP plan, but any process or operational control to take a further step towards improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

The ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge is allowing supermarkets to optimize all their decision-making processes at all levels, streamlining systems in stores and warehouses as well as developing new sales channels that deepen their strategy of proximity purchase.

In this sense, manual data collection is not only inefficient, but easily leads to errors. Likewise, it slows down and makes decision-making difficult and involves a waste of paper that is less and less accepted by society.

Likewise, in a sector as changing and competitive as that of supermarket chains, the commitment to innovation and digitization is clearly a differential factor, to the point that it is already considered basic in the future of any chain.

Investing in an app to digitize supermarket management in all its operational areas is becoming increasingly important.

From our extensive experience in the retail sector, we detail below how software for supermarkets can make a difference, improve all business management and, consequently, increase business productivity and profitability.


Selfaudit, software for supermarkets

Selfaudit’s functionalities make it an efficient software for supermarkets with which to carry out the digitization of all the work and tasks carried out in the different spaces.

Among them, the sales room, the line of boxes, the fresh and frozen sections, the warehouses, the workshops and the cold rooms.

In other words, Selfaudit acts as an audit and supervision tool to know the status of all the records and controls that must be carried out in supermarkets on a routine basis.


This includes checklist’s, monitoring of food quality and safety protocols, incident management and compliance with action plans. All this, within the HACCP model of supermarkets.

These types of tasks are typically performed by middle managers, including section managers, store managers, supervisors, coordinators, sales managers, area managers, and regional managers.

Thanks to using Selfaudit as management software for supermarkets, all of them can access this updated information remotely, from their mobile phones or tablets and without having to navigate.

In this way, all data related to point of sale management and food safety is shared and synchronized, greatly improving the efficiency of all stores. In addition, Selfaudit allows you to attach photos automatically to be able to track all these processes more accurately.

But beyond an app for quality management and food safety in supermarkets, Selfaudit is software for digitizing companies in any of their processes.

Sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, computer aided maintenance management (CMMS) and operations (supply chain), among others, are departments that currently benefit from the qualities of the application.

So that, Selfaudit allows to carry out a control in all the departments involved in the management of the supermarket chains and their points of sale and to identify areas for improvement, with the consequent increase in productivity. In turn, it streamlines internal processes and facilitates decision-making, as it can be based on verified data.

Another functionality of this software for business digitization is that it allows linking the results to the bonus and premium system of the areas and / or people involved.

Example of digitization in supermarkets – COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been a real challenge for companies and workers. In the case of supermarkets and grocery stores, these have become one of the few businesses that remain open by marketing essential products.

However, in order to minimize the risk of contagion both among their staff and among customers, most of them have been forced to adopt new security measures.

Among them, a restriction of the schedules, the mandatory use of gloves by consumers (such as those commonly used for fruit and vegetables), the placement of methacrylate partitions in boxes, the installation of gel dispensers disinfectant and paper to be able to clean the trolley before using it and the capacity control.

To all these measures, a series of recommendations are added to consumers such as going individually to make the purchase, maintaining the minimum distance required between people, spacing visits to the supermarket, avoiding over-accumulation of food or preferably paying by card.

These are indeed very necessary guidelines taking into account the current circumstances, but which had to be implemented suddenly and with little time for planning.

In this context, having supermarket software that allows you to digitize all your management and operational processes is a great advantage.

Firstly, because it ensures that all points of sale receive the extraordinary measures plan that must be carried out in a synchronized manner and that it is implemented accordingly.

Second, the creation of a digital checklist facilitates compliance and supervision of these measures by staff.

Finally, the necessary movements in supermarkets by store managers, supervisors, coordinators or other managers are minimized, since they can check their completion without having to physically go to the store. Similarly, they receive notifications in case of incidents and can act quickly accordingly.

In the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, reducing travel and the number of personnel in the same space is key to reducing the risk of new infections. In this way, supermarkets and companies that had opted for business digitization have been able to face the new situation with greater diligence.

Selfaudit, experts in digitalization of companies

From Selfaudit, we have extensive experience in the quality and food safety sector, as well as in the digitization of companies.

Therefore, we will be happy to advise you on everything related to the implementation of a digitization plan in supermarket management.

So, if you want more information on how Selfaudit could help you improve the efficiency and profitability of your supermarket or grocery stores, do not hesitate to contact our team and request a demo of our application.

Do you want to digitize your supermarket?

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