We collaborate to the business solutions market to face the Actua COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating the great importance of digitization for economic growth, productivity and competitiveness. The implementation of new security measures, teleworking and the temporary closure of physical points of sale or jobs have been just some of the challenges that companies have had to face during the state of alarm. All this, in a hasty and time-consuming manner. Testing the ability to react to an unexpected crisis in a company.

In this context, only those who had previously dedicated efforts to managing a crisis in a company have managed to cope better in the face of all the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating the great importance of companies being as resilient as possible by what they will have to take note of and prepare to face the possibility of new commercial interruptions.

For this, it will be essential to dedicate time and resources to create a crisis protocol in the company that establishes the step-by-step to be followed in the event that setbacks appear that prevent regular activity or require quick responses. Only in this way can the business be adapted to extraordinary circumstances and guarantee its viability.

Faced with these new challenges, old solutions no longer serve. In this sense, the flexibility and digitization of companies will be key to their survival in the face of a crisis.

Selfaudit, experts in business digitization and process control

Actua has provided a portal for companies that have solutions for the crisis caused by the coronavirus to offer their services, a collaborative initiative of which we have wanted to be part to offer you the possibility of simplifying the work of operators and managers, who have to carry out the controls, verifications and incident management of the different departments of a company.

Selfaudit makes supervisory work easier for you, since it can be done immediately from any computer, without having to go to work areas.

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